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Toilet Training Workshop

Step-by-step guide for parents, carers, & professionals to toilet-train autistic children & adults.

Service Description

Learn the strategies and techniques to toilet-train your child with this step-by-step guide by Faria Arsh. Faria Arsh is an award-winning entrepreneur, mum, and author who has written a book on toilet training based on her personal experience with her autistic daughter Afiyah. Faria has worked at a special school called Pictor Academy for several years, and she has combined her personal and professional experience to come up with this unique behavioural toilet training method, which has been very successful not just with her autistic daughter Afiyha but with many other children with autism and other additional needs. This workshop is CPD-certified. At the end of the workshop, you will get a CPD certificate. You get our Toilet Training book for FREE when you sign up for the workshop. This book has ranked #1 New Releases on Amazon for three consecutive weeks since its release in March 2023. It also ranked #2 in Psychology and Toilet Training worldwide on Lightning Source in December 2023. The workshop and book go hand in hand, and you will fully benefit from having access to both. After you attend the workshop, I urge you to read the book. If you have any questions, contact me, and we can work through any hurdles you face.

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Non-refundable. If you cannot attend, you can join our next training session.

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